Cool Breis raps up National Poetry Day at Perse Prep

Breis blew through The Perse Prep as he brought his verbal vibes to the school’s National Poetry Day celebrations.

The acclaimed London rapper and poet, whose name stands for Brother Reaching Each Inner Soul, gave an inspiring talk about his journey to pupils from the Prep and Fawcett Primary School.

He told children a dramatic story about his first rap competition in which he emphasised the importance of maintaining a calm exterior and improvisation being a rapper’s secret weapon. Breis also highlighted the concept of resilience as he came back and won his second rap contest.

Breis rounded off the talk in dynamic fashion by leading everyone in an interactive version of his latest rap, with children singing the chorus and different sides of the hall competing to strike the best pose!

There was even more musical fun for Year 6 as Breis led a series of fascinating workshops with pupils having a go at writing and performing their own rap poetry.

Breis also signed copies of his anthology of lyrics Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students before concluding his visit by answering thought-provoking questions from the Prep Journalism Club about his childhood and work as a poet and rap artist.


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