Perse student inspired by Debate Academy experience

Alina Turchyn (Upper Sixth) gives her thoughts on taking part in the Debate Academy, organised by the English-Speaking Union (ESU) this summer.

The ESU’s debate academy this year was an incredible experience. I had the privilege of engaging in organised argument with like-minded peers and bettering my understanding of the world around me.

I benefited from the guidance of mentors who brought diverse experiences to the world of oracy, including law students and former British Parliamentary debating university champions.

Over the week I participated in debates in the ESU Mace, British Parliamentary and World Schools formats, as well as having the opportunity to judge a debate myself.

Besides this, I attended elective lectures ranging in topics from an introduction to ADHD to the importance of perception.

I firmly believe that oracy is an invaluable life skill and there is no better place than Debate Academy to develop your spontaneity, analytical skills and confidence.

I look forward to further involvement with the ESU this year through their series of public debates and competitions and am hoping to return to Debate Academy next year as a mentor myself.


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