Unforgettable Iceland journey for Perse geographers

Iceland, the land of fire and ice, has long captivated the imagination of adventurers and nature enthusiasts.

In a bid to deepen their understanding of the world’s geological wonders, a group of 42 enthusiastic Perse Year 10 students embarked on an extraordinary geography field trip to the Nordic island.

Over the course of their five-day expedition, the young explorers experienced the awe-inspiring landscapes and volatile geothermal activity that makes the country a geological marvel.

Led by Perse Head of Geography James Riley, the students ventured to waterfalls, such as including Skogafoss, Seljalandsfoss and Gullfoss, where the cascading waters have carved their way through the rugged terrain.

No trip to Iceland would be complete without exploring its vast glaciers and the group embarked on a thrilling hike on the mighty Solheimajokull.

As they crossed the icy expanse, they learned about the impacts of climate change on glaciers, witnessing first-hand the receding ice and its implications for global sea level rise.

In addition, pupils enjoyed the rare opportunity to trek into a glacier, again experiencing the impact of climate change on a glacier that is predicted to have disappeared in 75 years’ time.

The students visited the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant and the Fridheimar geothermal greenhouse, as well as the well-known Blue Lagoon, learning more about the benefits of geothermal energy—a sustainable power source that Iceland harnesses extensively.

One of the favourite days for many students was the trip to Heimaey, the largest island of the Westman Islands and the only one that is inhabited. Following the boat trip, students visited the Eldheimar exhibition, learning more about the volcanic eruption on the island 50 years ago, before trekking to the summit of what remains of the volcano itself.

Reflecting on the trip, Mr Riley commented: “Witnessing the students’ enthusiasm and growth throughout this journey has been incredibly rewarding.

“It’s not just about ticking off destinations, it’s about nurturing a love for our planet and empowering these young minds to become responsible global citizens.”


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