Languages translate to success for Perse students

Aamarah Khurram (Year 11) displayed a talent for translation with national success in an illustrious language competition.

Having already won the East award in the Level 2 Mandarin category of the Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators, Aamarah went on to prevail in the national competition.

More than 15,000 students took part in the competition, organised by The Queen’s College, Oxford, and inspired by the late renowned literary translator to encourage youngsters to go further with modern foreign languages.

Among them were three more Perse students who came out on top in their respective regional categories, including Carole Tucker (Lower Sixth, Level 4 German), Rachel Liu (Year 9, Level 4 Mandarin) and Alexander Walker (Year 7, Level 1 French).

Aamarah said: “You had to translate a text from a foreign language into English by finding the right words to convey the meaning of the text.

“It was more complicated for Mandarin since there were no cognates with English, so I had to look at radicals in the characters as well as the intent and form of the text. Still, experimenting with different connotations behind characters was fun in order to convey the right message in English.

“I enjoyed participating in this competition because it allowed me to deepen my love of languages and explore something taught less commonly in the classroom.

“It illustrated to me the beauty in various interpretations of a word and the different meanings or feelings they can evoke.”


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