Gifted Perse Prep musician achieves major accolade

Talented musician Robert (Year 6) has attained the outstanding honour of an ARSM (Associate of the Royal Schools of Music) diploma on recorder.

The award means the Perse Prep pupil can now add the letters ARSM after his name, an astounding achievement for a musician of his age.

He said: “I did Grade 5 and Grade 8 on recorder and then set myself a target of trying to achieve an ARSM before I left primary school, so I’m really happy. I found it an interesting experience and very satisfying.

“I got a Merit and I was only point off a Distinction, but there are other diplomas you can do, so I think I’m going to go on and try to get more.”

Robert, who began playing the instrument seriously three years ago, achieved the ASRM with a recorded performance of set works by Castello, Telemann and Bach, plus a piece he had picked by Vivaldi.

He said: “It has to be recorded in one take so if it doesn’t go well, you have to do it again, but thankfully I managed to do it first try.

“My own choice was Vivaldi’s C Minor Concerto because it’s the hardest written piece for a recorder, so it’s not transposed from another instrument, but I was already pretty familiar with it.”

Robert, who also plays the flute, also acknowledged the role his recorder teacher Michael Copley had played in helping him achieve the ARSM.

He said: “Michael is a very good recorder player who does tours and is renowned on the instrument. He’s a great teacher, who has encouraged me to work towards all my grades.

“He knows just what pieces work for me and it’s really nice when we play along together because it’s so inspiring.”


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