Electric debut for Perse Engineering Club race car

Perse Engineering Club’s electric racing car made a charge on its debut in the Greenpower Education Trust series.

The Greenpower initiative aims to inspire youngsters to develop a passion for science and engineering by designing, building and racing electric cars.

More than 20 Perse students have been working on the project through the Engineering Club, overseen by physics teachers Sam Patterson and Myles Thompson, since last September.

After gaining an understanding of what goes into designing and building an electric vehicle, they put together their own car from a kit, courtesy of sponsorship from Vindis Group.

As Team Paradox Motorsport, they have worked on the vehicle since March, carrying out testing in the Upper car park before taking it to the Lotus test track at Hethel, Norfolk, for its first race.

The format of the event saw teams attempt to complete as many laps in one hour as possible, with the Perse car, driven by the team’s project manager Thomas Pape (Lower Sixth), finishing five circuits of the 2.2-mile course following some initial problems getting started.

Kuan Kuan Lin and Dominic Rogers (both Lower Sixth), who led the project’s bodywork and battery teams respectively, were thrilled to see the car come to fruition and take to the track.

Dominic said: “It was so rewarding and it was just a great feeling for everyone who had contributed to have a product that worked and that we could race.

“The race day was good. We could see the designs of the groups that were far more experienced. I think it was nice to see what other teams had achieved and look at where we can progress.

“We had some issues with the drive and making the car move, but it was great how we banded together and everyone worked as a team to achieve our goal.”

Kuan Kuan added: “I’ve been to a racetrack before, but to have something you’ve built on the racetrack is really quite different. Once we got the car going, it was great to see it out there.

“We got to see the other teams and look at how other people interpreted the same problem. I think we can take inspiration from that and look at what we could do better.”

The Perse team are hoping to take part in another Greenpower race during the autumn, with Kuan Kuan confident of improvement.

He said: “We could see what we had accomplished in this race, but we all want to do better next time and it gives us something to aim for.”

You can discover more about the Engineering Club’s race car journey in their blog below.


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