Spain experience savoured by Perse pupils

Willow Wallman and Maria Manini (both Year 10) reflect on the Spanish trip to Madrid and Toledo.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Spanish trip this year. It was such a marvellous experience with so many opportunities to explore Spain with friends.

Our favourite aspect was going to Toledo, to visit the Maristas school. Although some of us were quite nervous to meet the Spanish people, they were very welcoming and we were able to form connections with strangers in such little time despite speaking different languages.

However, departing our newly-made friends was a very sad goodbye for some. We shared conversation over food, played some volleyball, learned the history of Toledo and even did a little bit of dance!

Throughout this trip, we were able to immerse ourselves within the Spanish culture, visiting landmarks and cathedrals in both Madrid and Toledo, and watching the Puy du Fou, a show about the history of Spain. It was an outstanding portrayal and such a spectacle to see through dance, acting and epic light shows.

We also ate lots of different delicious Spanish food. Whether it was croquettes, jamon iberico or even churros with chocolate, it was all fantastic and we were more than satisfied.

We even got to go to Reina Sofia (an art museum) and IKONO (a sensory museum), which were both so enjoyable to walk around. We appreciated the art as well as taking group photos, which is always fun.

Lots of experiences were new and also familiar at the same time, such as the escape room we tried. It’s something we’ve done in England, however never in the Spanish language. It was a whole lot trickier, of course, but we managed to pull through as we worked together as a team.

The Year 10 Spanish trip was wonderful and many of us have made so many memories which we will cherish. We just wish we could experience it all over again!


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