German japes earn prize for Perse pupils

Question: What happens when you cross chocolate brownies with chilli peppers?

Answer: A successful submission to the humorous video sketch section of the Oxford German Olympiad!

Year 9 pupils George Tysome, Lucas Hobson, Daniel Wicks and Anirudh Menon were runners-up with their entry into the competition, which had the theme Kochkunst, Backlust, Esskultur (the art of cooking, joy of baking and culture of eating).

While Anirudh wrote the script and filmed the short clip, entitled Geisterpfeffer-Brownies, Daniel played the parent who tells children (George and Lucas) not to eat the cakes that have been left on the table.

However, the warning goes unheeded as things quickly heat up with hilarious results after they take a bite of the chilli-infused ‘treat’.

George said: “It was good fun to do. We were quite surprised to do so well, but it’s a nice feeling.”


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