International Chemistry Olympiad awaits Perse student

Kiran Diamond (Upper Sixth) will look to demonstrate his scientific skills after being picked to represent the UK in the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO).

He has been named as part of a four-strong British team to compete in the IChO in Switzerland in July following an excellent display in round two of the UK Chemistry Olympiad.

After qualifying from round one of the UK Olympiad, Kiran took part in the final stage of the national competition alongside more than 30 other students at Nottingham University.

Kiran was delighted to have made it into the British team after sitting tough four-hour theory and practical exams.

He said: “I’m really happy to have been selected, but also pretty surprised. I’d felt the second round hadn’t gone so well, especially with the practical, which I found really hard.

“It involved three different challenges, including an organic reaction task, a test to determine the concentration of a solution, and a task to identify some different unknown solutions, so it required a lot of time management.

“As well as the exams, we also had lectures in some more complex areas of chemistry, such as radiochemistry, so it was interesting to look at fields we don’t cover at A level.”

Kiran is now looking forward to joining up with his UK team-mates for online and in-person training camps before heading to Zurich for IChO.

He said: “There’s going to be a lot to learn, but I’m really excited about having this opportunity.”


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