The Perse praised by School Inspectors for ‘Excellent’ Pupil Achievement and Personal Development

The Perse School Cambridge has received a glowing report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) following the recent inspection.

Nine inspectors spent three days at the Upper, Prep and Pelican in March assessing the school on both Educational Quality and Regulatory Compliance.

The Perse has been awarded the top grade of Excellent in the two key areas of the Educational Quality inspection – the achievement of the pupils, including their academic development, and the personal development of the pupils.

In terms of achievement, inspectors noted that pupils’ intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning enabled them to achieve excellent GCSE, A level and Pre U exam results in response to high-quality teaching.

Pupils’ attitudes to work are outstanding. They are positive, focused and engaged and have a strong desire to learn.

ISI Inspection Report 2023

They observed that across all areas of learning, pupils develop skills which are beyond the levels expected for their age and that their attitudes to learning are extremely well developed, with pupils being highly attentive and demonstrating initiative and independence, as well as supporting other’s learning most effectively.

The ISI report also notes pupils combine their academic success with the active pursuit of an extremely broad range of interests, often at an extremely high level.

Using digital technology is second nature to pupils across all age groups and subject areas.

With regards to personal development, the inspectors observed that pupils develop into young adults with self-discipline, self-knowledge, resilience and an understated self-confidence.

The report also noted the excellence of pupils’ moral development and the way they respect and value diversity with sensitivity and tolerance, as well as pupils being passionate about the value of kindness and modelling this towards one another.

Pupils are universally open and tolerant and are aware that kindness, helpfulness, respect and caring attitudes promote inclusion.

Meanwhile, all standards were met across every area assessed in the Focused Compliance inspection.

Head Ed Elliott commented: “As a whole school, 3-18, we are very pleased with the excellent outcome of the ISI inspection report which is testament to the hard work and commitment of pupils, staff and governors.

“We are a school committed to a 3D education, putting equal value into the academic, pastoral and extra-curricular experiences of our pupils.

“To receive the highest gradings of Excellent in all areas is something the whole Perse community can justifiably celebrate.”

Chair of Governors Jonathan Scott commented: “On behalf of the governing body, I congratulate pupils and staff across the school for all of their hard work, which has been reflected in the excellent report.

“I look forward to us moving forward to ensure that these high standards are maintained and that the educational opportunities available to Perse children continue to meet the demands of an ever-changing world.”

Pupils are outstandingly socially aware and make an excellent contribution to the life of the school, the local community and the wider world.

You can read the full ISI Inspection Report by clicking the link below.


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