Perse pupils enjoy hitting the slopes on Italy ski trip

Tom Meadows (Year 11) reflects on the Perse half term ski trip to Italy

The school ski trip was an extremely enjoyable experience, both on and off the slopes. The Folgarida Marilleva resort accommodated the wide range of abilities whilst also allowing for a bit of exploration, most often led by adventurous Mr Ingram.

With regards to the skiing, days were divided into two parts, split by lunch where all groups reconvened to talk about the fun and the tumbles of the morning.

In the mornings we were led by amusing and very helpful instructors, and in the afternoons, skied with a teacher that changed each day for most groups.

The ‘Beginner One’ group however, would spend the morning and afternoon with an instructor getting to grips with the basics of skiing prior to the eventful final day, where they showed off their honed skills.

Off the slopes, the morning would start with a filling buffet breakfast. On returning from the day of skiing at around 4pm, feeling a little spent but looking forward to the evening to follow.

Each night there would typically be a different activity, such as ice skating at the rink opposite the hotel, or just free time to explore the local town. In town, we would stock up at the mini-mart on a few sweets or take a more leisurely approach by going to the fantastic pizza and gelato restaurant La Buca. There the friendly staff would whip up a delicious pizza in a couple minutes.

The final day was certainly where the most memories were made. Pupils were divided by year group and people dressed up in choreographed outfits such as convicts, food, traffic cones and superheroes. The most notable outfit of the day was undoubtedly Mr Baker’s full body suit that transformed him into Maui from Moana.

Throughout the day, groups took on slopes that catered for beginners. However, the difficulty of the slopes meant very little as every group just had a laugh jostling and competing with friends, laughing at the stumbles, but picking each other up at the same time.

It was a fantastic end to the week and epitomised the all-round good fun, laughs and team-building skills, that the ski trip delivered.


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