Perse Prep pupils prevail over The Demon Headmaster

Year 6 pupils ensured good triumphed over evil in their excellent production of The Demon Headmaster.

Staged over three nights, the sensational show featured original songs from Perse Prep Head of Music Paul Harris and Director of Enrichment Jules Reston and was triple cast, allowing children the chance to play different parts.

Full of intrigue, danger and heroism, the story followed Dinah, an orphan girl, who defeats the dastardly headmaster, foiling his evil plans to hypnotise the country via the Eddy Hair Television Show.

The children enjoyed every moment of rehearsals and the shows, as they performed a plethora of exciting and emotive songs telling of Dinah’s victory, freeing the students of St Champions School.

Prep Head of Drama Clare Cassidy said: “We were proud to see the children’s progress and enthusiasm. Their hard work and creativity shone through on stage on all three nights.”


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