Perse Pelican pupils flying high after air museum trip

Year 2 pupils took to the skies as they discovered more about military aircraft during a trip to the RAF Museum at Hendon.

The Perse Pelican youngsters have been learning about World War II aeroplanes as part of a wider topic on life in the 1940s this term.

At the museum, they enjoyed touring the hangars filled with RAF aircraft, including WWII planes such as the Spitfire and the Lancaster.

Children also had a special talk on the evolution of aeroplanes from the Wright Brothers’ earliest biplane to the state-of-the-art Lighting II fighter plane.

Toby commented: “I really liked looking at all the planes, especially the Lancaster bomber,” while Aylen said: “I really liked seeing the Hawker because I’d made a poster about it at school.”

For Chloe, the best plane was the Lightning because “it was above our heads and you could look up at it”, while Arun said: “I liked the talk about the aeroplanes and how far they’ve come over the last 100 years.”


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