Bee Musical gets Perse Pelicans buzzing

There was a brilliant buzz around The Perse Pelican when Year 1 pupils performed their heart-warming and thought-provoking production of The Bee Musical.

The children turned the school hall into a hive of activity as they told the story of Grumble Bee, who says she wants to do something more important than find nectar and pollen all day unlike her busy bee friends.

However, the sting in the tale comes when world’s bee colonies begin collapsing and a shortage of plants means they are unable to pollinate all sorts of food types or even feed themselves.

Head of the hive Mr Waxworth and the other bees consider what to do about it and decide to create a buzz with their annual show The Bee’s Knees. The show demonstrates why their jobs are so vital and convinces Grumble Bee that she is doing something special by joining in their work.


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