Air museum trip hits the heights for Perse pupils

Perse pupils were flying high after taking an insightful trip to the Imperial War Museum (IWM) Duxford.

The group toured the historic hangars and had the chance to get up close to some gigantic aircraft from different eras at Europe’s biggest aviation museum.

Year 9 pupils Amatullah Mumisa and Zoe Ning were among the party who visited IWM Duxford and both thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

Amatullah said: “History is something that interests me a lot, so it was really interesting to see the different types of planes that had been used during the World Wars.

“We had a tour of different areas of the museum and learned the stories behind some of the planes. It was quite cool to see how planes have evolved and compare them to how they are now.

“We also had a talk and we found out how they sometimes have people from Hollywood movies come to film there, such as Top Gun.”

Meanwhile, Zoe said: “I’d been to Duxford once before and found it fascinating, so it was nice to go back again.

“We were allowed to go on board some of the planes and I really liked looking around the Concorde. It was really different to a regular plane with the cockpit and the lights and there were a lot less seats.”


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