Perse Paddlesport Club makes waves in Wales

Perse Development Paddlesport Club members made rapid progress as they headed to north Wales for a whitewater weekend.

Water levels were lower than expected, but the River Dee still provided an excellent venue for the intrepid canoeists to test themselves.

The first day saw pupils travel down the lower section of the river, with students newer to the environment brushing up on the basics, while the more experienced members were mentored in the skills needed for group leadership.

Students headed for the upper section of the river on the second day and split into two groups, allowing them to work at their own pace and develop their proficiency on a more challenging set of rapids.

Perse Head of Paddlesport Kieron Taylor said: “All students embraced the opportunity to work on their skills and came away with an enthusiasm to push their paddling to the next level.”


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