Perse engineers revved up by supercar visit

Henry Hodges (Lower Sixth) reflects on the Perse Engineering Club’s trip to the Arash Motor Company, founded by Arash Farboud (OP 1993).

After hearing about the new Sixth Form Engineering Club, Mr Farboud kindly reached out to offer a tour of the Arash motors facility. He showed us around his factory and showroom in Newmarket in order to inspire us for the upcoming Greenpower racing competition

Mr Farboud’s company designs and builds high performance racing cars. The cars can have 3,000 parts and can take a year to build, with the most expensive being the Arash AF10 costing up to £2.5 million.

The AF10 is one of the best cars in the popular computer game Asphalt 8.

Among the many impressive sights was a huge computer-controlled milling machine that makes full-size foam moulds that carbon fibre sheets are then laid on to form the car bodies, and a huge furnace used to bake them. They can also fuse carbon fibre to 3D printed parts to combine the flexibility of 3D printing with the performance of carbon fibre.

It was also interesting to look inside the engine bay of a high performance car where some of the parts are plated with gold leaf for extra performance.

Mr Farboud got into the automotive industry after being inspired by the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1998.

His parting advice to the group was: “Try making things and taking them apart. Be fearless, take risks, don’t be afraid to try new ideas.”

Read more about the Engineering Club’s Greenpower journey, in their blog below,


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