A million smiles at Perse Pelican NSPCC Number Day

A sum total of one million x fun was had by Perse Pelican children as part of the NSPCC’s Number Day.

Anna Milbourne’s book How Big is a Million? was the basis for the Pelican’s activities as youngsters joined in the charity’s national numerical fundraising event by dressing up in mathematical style.

The story centres around Pipkin the Penguin’s mission to discover just what the seven-figure sum looks like, with a huge final fold-out page featuring Serena Riglietti’s wonderful illustration of one million stars in the night sky.

Inspired by the main character, Nursery children celebrated the day by counting, ordering and measuring penguins and using 2D shapes to make their very own Pipkin.

Reception enjoyed making ‘foot’ rulers by drawing around their feet and brought number monsters to life using the ChatterPix app, as well as solving ‘guess the number’ clues.

A carousel of activities from code breaking to exploring place value made the day for Year 1 pupils, while Year 2 worked through a number of investigations using their estimation skills and mathematical knowledge, including guessing how many teddies were in a jar!

Just over £160 has been raised by the Pelican for the NSPCC so far and there is still a chance to donate to their Number Day appeal by clicking here.


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