Perse students are hotshots at national championships

Perse students were on the mark at the British Schools Small-Bore Rifle Association (BSSRA) 50m Open Championships at Bisley.

Cara Hollis (Upper Sixth) was third overall in the individual competition from a field of almost 160 participants – and topped the age 17 group – with a total of 387.017 out of 400.

Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa (Year 10) was the highest scorer in the age 14 section (24th overall) with 381.015 – following on from her success in the same category at the BSSRA 50m Challenge event last November.

Meanwhile, Sophie Ji (Year 11) came 12th overall with 385.014, Miles Cobley (Upper Sixth) 20th with 382.014 and Eos Liao (Upper Sixth) 30th with 379.013.

In the junior pairs, Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa and Sophie Ji were runners-up with 766.029 out of 800, with Sophia Chua (Year 11) and Maia Polonius (Year 10) seventh.

The team of Eleanor Brinsden, Liliana French, Cara Hollis, Eos Liao, William Smith, Miles Cobley (all Upper Sixth), Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa and Sophie Ji finished second in the eights competition with a score of 3045.104.

Peter Santarius, John Hansen (both Upper Sixth), Rena Li, Yining Lan, Kalyani Cole-Parnaik, Esme Hallam, Sophia Chua (all Year 11) and Maia Polonius were seventh in the same event.

The senior pairs saw Cara Hollis and Eos Liao come fourth and Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa and Sophie Ji sixth.

In the fours competition, Eleanor Brinsden, Liliana French, Cara Hollis and Eos Liao came fourth, while Rena Li, Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa, Sophie Ji and Maia Polonius were seventh and Peter Santarius, William Smith, Miles Cobley and John Hansen 10th.

Perse students have also hit the target in other recent major competitions.

Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa, Maia Polonius, Lucy Tilbrook (all Year 10) and Sophie Ji won the U15 BSSRA Autumn League, Division One title.

Meanwhile, Sophie Ji, Liliana French, Sophia Chua, Eos Liao, Carla Campos Zanotti Gerosa, Yining Lan, Miles Cobley and Cara Hollis combined to take silver in the BSSRA Team of Eight competition.

Perse shooting coach Kevin Pilcher said: “We’ve had some great results and I’m so pleased for everyone for doing so well in these competitions.”


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