Colourful creations showcased in Perse Prep art exhibition

Sensational pieces created by pupils provide a vibrant vision for visitors to this year’s Perse Prep art exhibition.

Year 3 youngsters were introduced to post-Impressionism by studying Van Gogh and produced eye-catching paintings, based on his work Starry Night, while attempting the same brush stroke style as the Dutch master to create a sense of movement.

They also made lustrous ceramic leaves by creating leaf prints in clay before glazing them in autumnal colours, as well as discovering how to produce light and dark tones with pencil drawings of vintage toy cars.

The bold and bright hues of Henri Rousseau inspired Year 4 as they took a trip into the depths of the jungle and used oil pastels to create landscapes filled with colourful leaves and flowers and evocative twilight and sunset skies.

On a similar theme, they blended bright colours to make delightful drawings and clay models of tropical birds.

Futurist artist Giacomo Balla set Year 5 imaginations ablaze as they produced excellent oil pastel pieces sparked by his work The Lighthouse. They took inspiration from his choices and combinations of colour to get a sense of light and movement in their artworks.

Using corrugated cardboard and thick paper, pupils also made 3D lighthouse models with additional neat little touches, such as rocks, ladders and moored boats.

Meanwhile, Year 6 gained an insight into architecture by delving into the designs of the Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre at the Upper, as well as Cambridge University’s Faculties of Law and Education.

Influenced by what they discovered, the youngsters made initial sketches for their own inventive building plans and learned about scale and proportion before constructing their models, including surrounding landscape features, using card, tracing paper and art straws.

Prep Head of Art Dan Wansell said: “The pupils have made some excellent artwork and we’ve already had quite a lot of parents come along and enjoy the exhibition.

“It’s great because the children love seeing their work on display and they get to show their parents around and talk about what they’ve created.”

The Prep art exhibition runs until half term (Friday 10 February).


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