Science Centre visit is plain sailing for Perse Pelicans

Year 2 Perse Pelican pupils set sail for special workshops at Cambridge Science Centre.

They have been exploring the concepts of friction and air resistance during science lessons this term and the visits provided the chance to put their learning to the test.

At the Science Centre, children were given the challenge of designing the best possible land yacht considering these factors.

Pelican teacher Jenny Hurt, who led the visits, said: “The Sailing Science workshops gave them the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a real-life problem.

“They got the chance to carry out fair tests of their design with support and were encouraged to modify their designs based on what they found out.

“It’s always been a favourite trip with Year 2 groups and in addition to the workshop, they also enjoyed interacting with the other exhibits at the centre which covered many different areas of science.”


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