Key outdoor skills developed by Perse Ascent Group

Around 230 Perse pupils enjoyed experiencing life in the great outdoors at the PES Ascent Group half-term camp.

They began with the task of pitching 48 teepees, 24 dining shelters and eight marquees for their stay at the Abington camp ground.

The purpose of the training camp was for pupils to learn how to use all of the equipment needed to look after themselves and their peers over an extended period outdoors.

As such, patrols purchased their own food from the local supermarket, cooked for themselves and staff/volunteer guests, in addition to taking part in a range of activities.

These included a navigation and team-building trail, as well as learning cutting tools skills, testing out their ability by carving Halloween pumpkins.

Perse Head of Outdoor Pursuits Ben Parker was pleased with how youngsters responded to the challenges they faced in tough weather condition.

He said: “Pupils showed great resilience and it was an excellent learning experience. The training camp will form the foundation of skills required for a much longer summer camp on the Isle of Wight.”


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