The Wind in the Willows a breeze for Perse actors

Animal antics lit up the stage as Perse Lower School actors gave heart-warming performances of The Wind in the Willows.

Kenneth Grahame’s much-loved children’s tale follows Mole and his friends Ratty, Badger and Toad as they share reflections on fun times boating on the river, adventuring into the Wild Wood, battling weasels at Toad Hall and mishaps with motor cars.

David Barrett, Assistant to the Perse Theatre Practitioner in Residence, and English teacher Hannah Flowers directed the play, which attracted large audiences for its two-night run.

Mr Barrett said: “Given the whole situation with Covid over the last couple of years, we wanted to do something that was fun and the audience would enjoy.

“Miss Flowers and I were also keen for the pupils to try something with animal study, where they take the animals they’re trying to portray and start to humanise them as a drama exercise, so they were learning as they went along.

“We also wanted it to have the same amount of detail as a big show and that’s why went to work on the set by painting the stage and creating a moat. We gave everything we could in terms of production values.”

Mr Barrett was thrilled with how the young actors had applied themselves to the production alongside the demands of end-of-year assessments.

He said: “They worked really hard and pulled out two fantastic performances. They all seemed to enjoy the rehearsal process, which can take a certain discipline and focus, and then went up a level when the audience came in. They were absolutely brilliant.”


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