Homework projects highlighted in Perse Prep exhibition

Oodles of innovation and creativity were on display in the first-ever Year 6 Independent Study Exhibition at The Perse Prep.

Year 6 pupils worked on a variety of projects, based on their individual interests and hobbies, as part of their homework timetable during the Summer term.

The exhibition highlighted the projects of 25 children who were keen to share what they had been working on with their classmates.

For his project, Alex built a brilliant robot car using Raspberry Pi technology. He made his own program to make the vehicle move forward and used coding to allow it to be operated with a gaming controller.

He said: “I’ve always been interested in robots and I thought I’d have a go at making this because I had a whole term to do it. I’m really proud of what I made.”

Sophie put a spin on the traditional game of Snakes and Ladders by creating a colourful 3D version with the added twist of contestants having to answer questions to determine their moves.

There was more fun and games with Harry making origami jumping rabbits and Olivia creating a Top Trumps-type card game featuring Greek legends, as well as producing Andy Warhol-style pictures of William Shakespeare.

Other projects were inspired by everything from geography to computer science, and there was even a mini-gallery featuring fantastic paintings and sketches made by Harriet, Clara and Esme.

Prep Assistant Head (Academic) Tobias Bown was amazed by the quality of the projects Year 6 had been working on in their own time and felt delighted with how the exhibition had gone.

He added: “The pupils told me in a survey they had learned a range of skills from doing these homework projects.

“Many cited that they had improved their research skills, independence, creativity, time management, prioritisation and problem-solving abilities.”


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