Perse Prep Activities Week proves a hit with pupils

From marshmallow architecture to ice cream making, pupils had an excellent time exploring fresh experiences during Perse Prep Activities Week.

Every year group had the chance to try something new and discover more about the world around them through a range of exciting and interesting visits, talks and events.

With a strong science theme, more than 20 experts dropped into the Prep to share their passion for the subject in a series of engaging talks and hands-on experiments.

Children were all ears to understand more about how viruses spread and how the immune system works, while various activities helped them discover more about microbes and the history of cures for ailments.

The importance of DNA sequencing was explained and they were able to extract this from
strawberries, as well as having a go at cracking DNA codes before making their own genetic code beads.

Pupils were also shown how investigations are conducted using genetics and learned why genes were important in understanding why some dogs are greedier than others!

Moving around the body, children found out how the brain works as a processing centre for a variety of sensory inputs and how it can fill in gaps via perception tools. They had fun with various optical illusions as they discovered how the brain and eyes work together and how lens surgery can work.

Children were told how pacemakers manage the heart’s rhythm and then used ultrasound on training mannequins to locate the chambers and valves of the heart, as well as blood vessels.

Youngsters tested their stitching skills by suturing banana skins and practised performing a laparoscopy, as well as being given insights into paediatric orthopaedics and Type 1 diabetes.

They also had to think around science, whether debating psychology and the genetic risk factors with mental health or dismantling the use of learning styles in sport.

Away from the body, children gained an understanding of the science behind construction and
architecture as they built their own marshmallow and spaghetti structures.

Pupils also made wind-powered circuits and turbines and were shown key calculations and principles behind getting an object to orbit the planet, which came in very handy for the launch of their own handmade rockets!

Children explored computer science and how microchips are designed, as well as learning how computer hackers work, how to avoid being hacked and how to combat cyber-bullying.

Meanwhile, Year 6 visited the science labs at the Upper, where they built electrical circuits, discovered more about DNA and tested how quickly they could get sugar to dissolve.

Beyond science, Years 3, 5 and 6 enjoyed taking part in teambuilding outdoor pursuits activities at Abington, while Year 4 pupils had a great time clambering around The Playground assault course at the former Waterbeach Barracks.

Year 3 and 4 pupils explored the Cambridge Botanic Garden, while the former year group also relished the animal antics of Shepreth Wildlife Park.

Children in Year 5 rose to the challenge of putting together a play in a day, as well as getting a taste of life at the Upper with an Academic Day featuring activities in geography, classics and computer science.

Year 6 had a special treat as they rounded off the week with a day of inflatables fun at Porson Road playing field.


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