Perse Pelicans gets into Platinum Jubilee spirit

A right Royal celebration was enjoyed at The Perse Pelican to mark HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

From producing pictures of The Queen from bits and bobs, such as beads and guitar plectrums, to making brilliantly creative crowns, Pelicans got stuck into the spirit of the occasion.

Zeya brought a big Union Jack to school and as well as enjoying making colourful pictures of The Queen, she said: “I really liked eating the rocky road with a flag on it at break. It was very tasty.”

Conrad was excited about the Jubilee and had made an excellent Union Jack using different types of paper.

Every child planted a lemon tree seed in a pot to take home to mark the 70th anniversary of The Queen’s reign

No big Royal occasion would be complete without a big party and children celebrated in style with a patriotic picnic.

This Jubilee event followed on from a special ‘Dancing through the Decades’ show at the Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre in which Pelicans strutted their stuff in the style of famous dance crazes from the last 70 years.


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