Perse pupils take the lead on Easter camp

More than 200 Perse pupils, staff and volunteers headed off for a four-day Easter camp in Norfolk.

This was the first major residential camp for PES Ascent Group this academic year and aimed to prepare students for their longer summer camp.

The entire camp was run by the pupils, with pupil leaders helping the younger students to learn the basics of camping. Pupils purchased and cooked all their own food for the entirety of camp, even catering for the staff!

The troop experienced some challenging weather conditions with overnight temperatures below freezing and extensive rain too, which added to their challenges. Pupils undertook archery, archery tag, backwoods cookery, climbing, abseiling, cutting tools training, orienteering, grass sledging, low ropes and various team challenges.

Ben Parker, Head of Outdoor Pursuits, said: “Despite some challenging conditions, the pupils fostered an excellent collaborative and supportive atmosphere which ensured everyone had a good time.

“I was most impressed with our developing pupil leaders who worked hard to support those under their charge.”


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