Mandarin event savoured by Perse pupils

Perse pupils discovered more about Chinese culture and language during a special Mandarin enrichment event.

Year 10 Mandarin students met children from Wenzhou No 2 Foreign Language School, based in China’s east coast Zhejiang province, via an online link.

Besides practising each other’s languages, they shared experiences of their interests and school life as well as their cultures from food to festivals.

Perse Head of Mandarin Hannah Bolton said: “One of the things they all loved was playing video games. They bonded over Minecraft, so they were very excited about that!”

The Wenzhou pupils rounded off the interactive session by performing a traditional Chinese song and dance called Mo Li Hua, which translates as Jasmine Flower.

Year 9 Mandarin pupils joined Year 10 in having a go at performing Mo Li Hua themselves before they all had fun trying jianzi – a classic Chinese sport that sees players attempt to keep a weighted shuttlecock in the air using any part of the body except for their hands.

They then enjoyed trying their hand at calligraphy art as they learned how to use special pens and produce the strokes needed to create decorative Chinese characters.


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