Perse Prep actors get their teeth into production of The Enormous Crocodile

Year 5 actors put on a suitably snappy performance of The Enormous Crocodile for their Centre Stage production.

With an adapted script from Roald Dahl’s story about a crocodile who tries all manner of trickery in his efforts to eat children for his lunch, the play recreated the famous scenes from the story but with a modern, multicultural London twist.

The production featured original songs and lyrics by Perse Prep Head of Music Paul Harris and Head of English Raph de Albuquerque, plus dazzling dance routines, choreographed by the cast themselves, all delivered in a hip hop style.

Mr de Albuquerque, who directed the show, said: “In spite of numerous cast absences due to Covid in the rehearsal process, Centre Stage’s production of The Enormous Crocodile went ahead without a hitch.

“Much fun was had by all and the cast went on to deliver their best performance for an audience of friends and family.”


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