Modern foreign languages debating success for Perse students

Perse pupils showcased their linguistic dexterity with success in the Eastern Region Year 11 Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Debating competition.

In German, Sophia Georgiadis and Nicola McGilly took silver and Carole Tucker and Anshuman Gunda bronze, with ‘Mobile phones have more advantages than disadvantages’ among the topics being argued for and against.

Diya Seth and Emily Fowkes Bolt claimed silver in the French category, with ‘There’s no need to learn a language other than English’ among the themes debated.

Natalie Ronco and Catherine Balfour clinched bronze in Spanish debating as they mulled over the statements ‘It’s not worth going to university’ and ‘The internet is a good source of information’.

Perse Director of MFL Jessica Moore said: “It is the ultimate demonstration of spontaneous language, critical engagement with the topic and arguing with precision.

“Our students did a fantastic job of convincing judges, all the while demonstrating a great mastery of the foreign language.”

Meanwhile, Alex Maynard and Alexandru Marinas (both Upper Sixth) displayed excellent French skills when they competed in the Eastern Region Year 13 MFL debating competition.


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