3.14159 is the magic number for Perse Prep pupils

NSPCC Number Day at The Perse Prep was as easy as pi as pupils had a fun time mixing maths with mirth.

The Greek symbol, which equates to 3.14159 – the ratio between a circle’s circumference and diameter, was the basis for many of the activities enjoyed by pupils throughout the event.

Children combined in their form groups to create pi skylines, using squares of paper to make a cityscape, while attempting to match the number of squares to the numbers in pi, which has been calculated to more than 31trillion decimal places!

They also made attractive pi bracelets and numerical knowledge was tested with fun quizzes, including a murder mystery solved by answering mathematical questions.

The whole school came together to round off the day with an hilarious House rap, fittingly based on the De La Soul classic The Magic Number.


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