Lots of jelly bean jollity with Perse Pelican Number Day

Perse Pelican youngsters had a sweet time when they took part in the NSPCC’s Number Day.

The book How Many Jelly Beans? by Andrea Menotti provided the theme for the Pelican’s take on the charity’s national maths-based fundraising event.

Children dressed up in numerical fashion and enjoyed decorated jelly bean jars, as well as taking part in lots of counting activities and problem-solving exercises using jelly beans across each year group.

There was even a whole-school competition to estimate how many jelly beans there were in a large jar, with the lucky pupil with the closest guess getting to take the tasty treats home.

Raising funds

More than £500 was raised by the Pelican for the NSPCC and there is still the opportunity to donate to their Number Day appeal by clicking the button below.


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