Colourful creations dazzle at Perse Prep art exhibition

Amazing artworks created by Perse Prep pupils are being showcased in style as the school’s regular art exhibition returned.

Families are now able to view the compositions and pieces made by pupils across all year groups once more, after being unable to visit last year due to the Covid pandemic.

Year 3 children delved into the works of Vincent van Gogh and considered his use of mark-making to create marvellous moon paintings in a variety of rich metallic colours. They also produced wonderful ceramic leaves by creating leaf prints in clay and using gleaming glazes for an eye-catching finish.

The work of Claude Monet provided the focus for Year 4 as they learned to use the impressionist style to paint luscious landscapes featuring trees throughout the seasons. On a similar theme, they used thick card to make colourful 3D models of trees in striking seasonal tones.

Italian futurist painter Giacoma Balla was the spark for Year 5 pupils. They learned about his life and work and produced expressive oil pastel pieces featuring lighthouses and boats, taking inspiration from his sense of creating movement and light. They also made exceptional lighthouse models from card, brought to life by incorporating electrical circuits and small battery packs to power the lights.

Meanwhile, Year 6 looked into architecture, inspired by a visit to the University of Cambridge’s Faculty of Education building and researching other notable structures in the city. They made initial architectural drawings and learned about scale and proportion before turning their designs into models, featuring surrounding landscapes, using a foam, card and tracing paper.

Prep Head of Art Dan Wansell said: “It’s exciting for the pupils to have their excellent work on show so that everyone can celebrate their amazing achievements.”


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