Illustrious engineering scholarships earned by Perse students

Fred Wyatt (left) and Eduard Baroyan (right) with Sam Patterson, who oversaw the Arkwright Scholarship applications

Fred Wyatt and Eduard Baroyan (both Lower Sixth) have earned sought-after Arkwright Engineering Scholarships.

The prestigious scholarships give budding engineers, who have been identified as potential future leaders in the industry, the chance to make connections and gain experience as well as providing £600 to support their A level studies.

After applying for the awards in Year 11, the Perse students had to showcase their interest in engineering through a detailed application form and an in-depth online interview as part of the selection process.

Less than 300 Arkwright Scholarships were awarded nationally this year, but as a result of their successful applications, Fred and Eduard are now being sponsored by high-tech Cambridge company ARM Holdings.

Fred Wyatt

Fred highlighted the automatic guitar tuner he had designed and made as part of his Arkwright application.

He said: “I play guitar, so it felt like quite an intuitive thing for me to make and I especially enjoyed the coding aspect of it. I thought the Arkwright Scholarship would be quite an interesting opportunity, so I felt proud to be accepted for it.

“I’m probably going to use my funding to work on another project, but I’m also looking forward to the ‘connect days’ which give you opportunities such as work experience.”

Meanwhile, Eduard already has knowledge of the industry from working part-time with Unipart, where he uses virtual reality and digital twins – virtual models that serve as digital counterparts of physical objects or processes – to investigate warehousing solutions.

Eduard Baroyan

He used his experiences working for the logistics company’s digital team for his application.

Eduard, who plans to put some of his funding towards a robotics project, said: “I like engineering because I really enjoy creating things to solve problems that exist, so I was ecstatic to find out I’d got a scholarship, and particularly happy to find out my sponsor is ARM, which is a major benefit.”

Physics teacher Sam Patterson, who oversaw the Arkwright applications, added: “This was a particularly competitive year, so our scholars have done exceptionally well to be awarded one this year.”


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