The Perse School

A taste of Italy for Summer School students

1 Aug 2018

One of the most popular courses at The Perse Summer School is the Master Chef in Italy course.

Today students were making Arancini, getting hands-on with cooking a delicious and healthy dish to enjoy later with their families.

Course Tutor Charlotte Drinkwater says the course is very practical, with children growing in a wide range of skills:

“During the week I see the children becoming more confident as they learn how to make healthy choices and cook fresh food.

Everyone learns the importance of health and safety within the kitchen, as well things like how to hold a knife safely. We talk about where our food comes from and what goes into the food we eat. I hope the course will give students more passion to cook healthy food for themselves and their families,” she said.

Toby, 14, joined the course to improve his cooking skills: “It’s been really good fun, I’ve learned lots of new things on this course. I do a bit of baking at home, but this course is especially good as it’s not something we get to do at school, so it’s something different,” he said.

Eloise, 15, wants to follow a professional career in cooking and baking, so hoped the course would teach her new skills:  “I have grown in confidence and now feel like I can cook more dishes at home for my family. I want to do this when I’m older so that’s why I joined the course, and I’m really glad I did because it has been great fun,” she said.

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