The Perse School

Prep pupils get crafty on House Art & DT Activity Day

6 Jul 2018

House families of children from different year groups worked together to complete a fabulous carousel of activities during the House Art and DT Activity Day.

The Science Garden provided the perfect setting for the creation of nature mandalas inspired by sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. Children enjoyed exploring the garden and grounds to find leaves and natural forms with which they created patterns of rotational symmetry.

Architects of the future were inspired with the challenge of producing models of houses out of foam board. The impressive range of designs and structures was testament to the creative originality of our pupils. Children learned that every architect starts with a drawing and a model.

Teamwork fuelled the production of unique and original shoe design. House families competed to create a pair of shoes which were both aesthetically pleasing as well as robust. Children rose admirably to the challenge and produced a wonderful variety of footwear ranging from ballet shoes to animal slippers.

The final activity comprised of a whole school challenge. Children investigated different types of line and mark making and created a collage of diamonds for a school mural. The colourful kaleidoscopic mural created a rainbow in New School to mark the end of a wonderful summer term.

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