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Colourful works on display at Prep design and technology exhibition

8 Jun 2018

A wide range of colourful creations by Prep pupils have gone on display at the school’s annual design and technology exhibition.

Year 3 children used stitching to produce Egyptian desert landscapes featuring the Pyramids, pharaohs and animals, linked in with their topic learning about ancient Egypt.

They also made pneumatic models, including volcanoes, fizzy drink bottles, rockets and even a whale blowing out water, with the ingenious use of syringes to pump air into their designs.

Peppa Pig, the Minions and the Incredibles provided just a few of the themes for Year 4’s look into the use of vacuum forming. Pupils each created an attractive tray for toddlers with spaces for a plate, knife, fork and spoon using the technique.

Year 4 also used their imagination to produce striking pop-up books, making everything from football stadiums and farms to castles and underwater scenes come to life.

Renowned architect Frank Gehry inspired the work of Year 5 pupils as they made chairs for small children primarily using cardboard. The Canadian designer became well-known for recycling such material to create furniture in the 1970s, using a number of different techniques to ensure their strength.

Working in pairs, the children adopted his approach – rolling cardboard into cylinders, weaving strips of board together with string and forming triangular pillars – before decorating their finished articles in an eye-catching style.

As an extension project, Year 5 also investigated cam mechanisms to produce some neat creations.

Meanwhile, Year 6 pupils made desk tidies, using a combination of materials such as foam board, thin MDF and Perspex. They spent a lot of time over their designs, considering how they could be made, before using tools such as hand saws to realise their ideas.

Year 6 also made controllable vehicles using simple but effective circuitry and pulley systems for their extension projects.

Prep Head of DT Dan Wansell said: “The children in all year groups have produced some terrific work. The exhibition is great for them to show their parents and friends what they have created.”

The Prep DT exhibition runs until 20 June.

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