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Year 10 Perse pupils take charge of primary schools outreach event for Enrichment Day

22 May 2018

Year 10 Perse pupils led the way in a special community outreach Enrichment Day involving children from three local primary schools.

The Tower of London and the National Space Centre in Leicester provided the destination for trips led by Perse pupils for children in Years 3 to 5 from Fen Ditton School, while two other Year 10 forms took Year 5 Colville School youngsters to explore Wicken Fen.

Meanwhile, Year 6 Colville pupils and children in Year 5 at Monkfield Park School spent the day at the Upper doing a range of activities organised by Year 10 pupils.

The Colville youngsters were put through their paces at hockey before taking part in a match against their Year 10 counterparts. They also took part in an art lesson making flags representing Antarctica and carried on the theme by listening to a fascinating talk from explorer Felicity Aston, the first woman to cross the Antarctic land mass alone, in the Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre.

A number of Perse and Colville pupils even had the chance to taste some of the food she takes on her sub-zero expeditions – pouches of dried meals such as salmon and broccoli pasta and scrambled egg with cheese – with mixed reviews!

The Monkfield Park visitors went back in time to the Tudor era, getting to grips with a bow and arrow, with assistance from coaches from Peacock Archery, and learning the moves of the day from the Capriol Dancers.

They played traditional games with the Year 10 pupils, including nine men morris, cup and ball, chess and skittles, as well as having their knowledge of Tudor times tested in a special quiz.

The Perse and Monkfield Park pupils also formed small groups to act out short extracts from Shakespeare plays, including Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth, before rounding off the day by listening to a presentation from Cambridge historian Abigail Gomulkiewicz.

Head of Year 10 Dan Whelan was delighted with how the Perse pupils had taken ownership of the Enrichment Day.

He said: “We wanted to get involved in community outreach and we asked the primary schools what their preferences were based on topics their children were doing.

“Everything was pupil-led with the idea being to get them to take responsibility. It was an ambitious project and we had to put a lot of trust in the pupils. They definitely rose to the challenge.

“Each form group had two ambassadors, but everyone in the forms had to take part in some capacity, so it was a real team effort. I’m really proud of them.

“The feedback we’ve had from the primary schools has been positive and I think it’s made our Year 10 pupils appreciate what we have at The Perse a little bit more.”

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