The Perse School

Pelican pupils discover more about different cultures and countries on Languages Day

25 May 2018

From ‘hello’ to ‘hola’ and ‘namaste’ to ‘ni hao’, a worldwide welcome was guaranteed on Languages Day at the Pelican.

Pupils prepared for the event by designing their own colourful T-shirts featuring their favourite flags and greetings in the language of the relevant country.

Anna chose the Democratic Republic of Congo flag for her shirt because it was her favourite from the ones she saw on her brother’s map of the world, while Aurora decided on the Greece standard for her design as “it’s a fun country to go to because you can go the beach and have ice cream every day”.

Year 1 children had also created a display featuring the flags of every Spanish-speaking nation in the world.

After a welcome song by the Pelican French Club, children enjoyed a quiz during assembly guessing which member of staff had recorded a message in a foreign language before singing a traditional Zulu tune.

Throughout the day, pupils took part in a range of activities, including a special game of bingo, where they had to mark off the words for ‘hello’ in a variety of different languages, and learning how to write in different scripts such as Arabic and Chinese.

Head Sarah Waddington said: “Our Languages Day reflects the global nature of our pupils at the Pelican and it was wonderful to see them having lots of fun discovering more about different countries and cultures through language.”

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