The Perse School

Party time for Pelican pupils to celebrate school’s 20th anniversary

17 May 2018

Pupils and staff had plenty of fun during a day of celebrations to mark the Perse Pelican School’s 20th anniversary.

The event began with a special assembly at which an amazing giant birthday cake was unveiled with each child and member of Pelican staff being given a slice of the tasty treat. Everyone heard about the earliest days of the Pelican from Alison Yirrell, the teaching assistant who has been here for the whole 20 years.

Children also enjoyed a street party lunch with bunting and balloons and later held their own fete. Each class had devised their own stalls. The children then made the resources, manned the stalls and, of course, visited them with their pocket money.

Denise said: “We had a really fun time and we played a lot, I enjoyed it”, while Ethan commented: “We helped at the fair. I enjoyed the game where we had to count the skittles as you knocked them down.”

“My favourite game was ‘beat the goalie’ and I liked eating ice cream too,” said Hugo.

Meanwhile, Oliver “built the biggest Lego tower” and Hannah enjoyed “making cakes and covering them in icing and sprinkles.”

Eunice added: “I liked playing the superhero game, with Spiderman and Superman. I also made a cookie. That was yummy!”

Head Sarah Waddington said: “It was a memorable day. The children participated wholeheartedly in all of the activities and events. There was plenty of opportunity for creative thinking and developing independence whilst also enjoying an enormous birthday party. Everyone went home with a Pelican balloon and an ice cream. We were most grateful to governors past and present who were able to join us.

“No birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake. We have to thank the Perse catering staff for creating a fabulous cake that was as delicious as it looked.”

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