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Fundraising dinner parties boost Perse Social Enterprise Him Ganga hostel appeal

1 May 2018

Year 11 pupils Matthew Chan and Simon Skovgaard report on the outcome of the Perse Social Enterprise group’s fundraising initiative

As the Perse Social Enterprise team has been collecting donations over the last month, our fundraising for the rebuilding of the Perse Hostel at Him Ganga School in Nepal is coming to a close.

We’ve been raising money to rebuild the girls’ hostel, which was damaged in 2015 by the devastating Gorkha earthquake. Previous charitable activities that took place last year have already raised £8,700 and our most recent scheme of charity dinner parties, organised by the Perse Social Enterprise team, has just finished.

Over the last month and a half, nearly 50 generous members of the Perse community have hosted dinner parties for this great cause. Above, you can find a series of photos from the various dinners that have taken place. We all had a lot of fun organising this, and we hope that all the hosts and guests had fun being part of this too!

We set ourselves a target of £7,000 at the start of the school year, and along with our other events, such as the non-school uniform day in March, cake sales and a kind donation from the Perse Parents’ Association (PPA), we have so far managed to raise an amazing £5,919! We are hoping that we will be able to hit our target and hopefully exceed it.

If you would still like to donate to this worthwhile cause to help us reach our target, it’s not too late. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact Emma Kenzie by emailing

Finally, as this year’s Perse Social Enterprise comes to a conclusion, we would like to give our thanks to every single person, whether a Perse pupil, teacher, parent or a member of the wider community, who has helped contribute to our cause.

With your help, we will be able to ensure that children living in Rawa Dolu in Nepal can attend school and receive a proper education, something which we often take for granted. A huge thank you again to everyone who has helped us in this venture, and we hope that everyone who was involved had as much fun as we did!

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