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Pelican pupils have fun developing new skills on Burwell House trip

20 Apr 2018

Year 2 Pelican pupils had heaps of fun and developed a range of new skills during their residential trip to Burwell House.

For some children the overnight stay was their first ever away from home but this would never have been known judging by the overall levels of excitement about the visit.

The bedrooms with bunk beds were a huge success and the children arranged who was sleeping where very fairly. Toasting marshmallows around the camp fire in the evening preceded a visit to the tuck shop for everyone to purchase Burwell souvenirs, calculating the cost of their purchases and change due.

The children took part in a variety of challenges during their stay, including orienteering and leading a blindfolded partner along an obstacle course as well as decorating beautiful batik bags with their own designs.

They also learned how to make and then strip their beds, look after their belongings and help to serve each other at mealtimes.

Staff also joined in the fun by pretending to be Boggis, Bunce and Bean, the farmers from the Roald Dahl novel Fantastic Mr Fox, on the hunt for Burwell foxes!

Pelican Head Sarah Waddington felt the pupils gained much from their experience of Burwell.

She said: “Our trip was all about developing independence, resilience, teamwork, responsibility and respect, as well as having a hugely exciting time. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit.”

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