The Perse School

Wonderland makes make-believe come true at the Prep

26 Mar 2018

Year 6 Prep pupils brought the world of make-believe to life with their colourful production of Wonderland.

From the moment that 75 white rabbits flooded the auditorium, the audience was transported to a wonderful world of the imagination where dormice drink tea, croquet is played with flamingos and lobsters enjoy a quadrille.

Multimedia elements were employed to capture the fantastical nature of the plot such as Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole and the eerie vanishing of the Cheshire Cat.

The audience stepped into a page of a storybook and was invited to sit around tables laid with gingham cloths, daffodils in teapots and delicious jam tarts. The mad tea party backdrop combined with a fabulous set, designed by Dan Wansell and Amy Prebble, created a surreal and magical world.

Children also produced a fabulous array of props in art lessons including the tabards for the playing cards, fish for the lobster quadrille and a wonderful variety of cakes.

The show was triple cast to maximise children’s involvement during rehearsals and performances. Members of Year 6 described the experience as “amazing”, “exciting” and “very, very fun!”

The role of Alice was played by two actors each night, swapping throughout the performance, to emphasise the bizarre, dream-like nature of the Wonderland world.

The script was written by Tobias and Charlie Bown and the musical score and lyrics were written by Paul Harris and Raph de Albuquerque. Director Tobias Bown described Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as his favourite book ‘with its nonsense, its whimsy and its playful sense of ‘otherness’.

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