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Pupils learn new skills in preparation for summer summit to Sweden

15 Mar 2018

Katie Curtis-Smith (Year 11) gives an insight into the recent PES Summit 11 Field weekend.

Eighty Summit 11 pupils travelled to Chrishall Grange, Duxford for the hotly anticipated field weekend in preparation for the summer expedition to Sweden.

We arrived at the site and were briefed on the timings and activities of the upcoming day. After a quick tour of the site we set about preparing our group campsites. This included setting up our personal equipment such as hammocks and tarps and also lighting our fires for the first time using magnesium strikers and collecting our own firewood. We used these fires to successfully cook our first meal and then participated in our first rotation of first aid.

Chet, the medical professional for the Group 1 Sweden expedition, taught us what to do in a medical emergency by demonstrating the acronym DRs ABC. This activity involved each individual acting out an emergency scenario with a partner, being taught how to perform CPR and also how to deal with some common injuries on camp, such as small burns and insect bites.

Next we prepared our dinner using the fire boxes and, after the washing up, had free time in the evening until it was time to try our hammocks out for the first time. After a surprisingly comfortable sleep we cooked a hearty full English breakfast and embarked on the remaining rotations which included cooking and cutting tools training.

During cooking we used the dutch ovens to make pancakes, drop scones and doughnuts while in cutting tools, many pupils progressed to Level 3 by making their own wooden peg using saws, axes and knives within a cutting area. After successfully completing this training and packing down our kit we headed home. This brought an end to our exciting, snowy field weekend, leaving us in anticipation of the upcoming Sweden expedition in the summer.



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