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Perse Social Enterprise group on fundraising mission to rebuild Him Ganga hostel

6 Mar 2018

Year 11 pupils Matthew Chan and Simon Skovgaard explain the Perse Social Enterprise group’s fundraising scheme

For our enrichment sessions, a group of Year 11 and Lower Sixth students are working on the Perse Social Enterprise project.

We are raising money to rebuild the Perse hostel at Him Ganga School in Rawa Dolu, Nepal. This hostel was built by Perse students in 1996 to allow access to education in this isolated region, but it was badly damaged by the devastating Gorkha earthquake in April 2015. This meant many of the school’s students, who live very far away (up to five hours’ walk through mountainous terrain) could no longer attend the school as they were not able to travel the long distance into school every day.

We are raising money to rebuild the girls’ hostel, which will be located next to the school, so students can stay there during the week and receive a proper education, something which we often take for granted.

Nearly £5,000 has been raised for this cause from previous charitable activities by other Perse students, including the Color Run and the Year 8 non-uniform day and quiz, which all took place last year.

We have a non-school uniform day on Wednesday (7 March) contributing to our cause, in which each student will give £2. The Perse Parents’ Association (PPA) have also generously donated £700.

However, our main event to raise money is a series of charity dinner parties, which will mostly run from Friday 9 March to Monday 19 March. Nearly 40 members of the wider Perse community have signed up to host these dinner parties, and they will each invite 10 guests, who each donate £10. All the money donated will go towards the hostel appeal, and we’d like to thank all the hosts who have given up their time to help us.

Each dinner party will involve fun Nepal-related events such as a Nepal quiz and optional Nepalese recipes to try for the braver hosts! We hope that everyone who takes part in these dinner parties will have a lot of fun.

We have created a JustGiving page for donations from Old Perseans and the wider community. If you would like to help us and donate to this fantastic cause, please click here.

The Perse Social Enterprise team would like to thank everyone who has given their time and money to help contribute to this worthwhile cause.

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