The Perse School

Fairy Tale and Fantasy at World Book Day

5 Mar 2018

The Prep celebrated World Book Day with a fantasy and fairy tale theme. Children came to school dressed up as an impressive variety of fictional characters ranging from Mrs Coulter to Little Red Riding Hood. Children’s authors, Robin Stevens and Jane Ray inspired pupils with their wonderful workshops and talks about the world of children’s literature.

Robin Stevens gave a talk about her books, background, literary inspiration and her passion for the mystery genre. She described her childhood growing up in an Oxford college and her love for Enid Blyton, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie.

Aspiring Year Six authors learned about the elements and the art of writing a murder mystery in a fabulous writing workshop. Stevens advised children to choose a known setting and then infuse it with imaginative detail in a similar fashion to her description of Hong Kong in A Spoonful of Murder.  Avid readers of her books enjoyed planning their own mystery and relished the idea that there are ‘no boundaries to what you can do in a story.’

Author and illustrator, Jane Ray, gave a fabulous workshop to Year Three about The Glassmaker’s Daughter and described how to channel visual imagination into book illustration.  Children were enraptured by her description of Venice and the fascinating history of glassmaking which inspired their creation of masks and mirrors in the second part of the workshop. Jane Ray also showed the children her original illustrations for the book and explained the symbolism in some of the pictures. The children loved listening to the story of The Glassmaker’s Daughter and the message that ‘happiness is inside all of us.  You only have to discover it.’

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