The Perse School

Prep children bring Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies to life with comic twist

9 Feb 2018

The Prep School Year 5 drama club, Centre Stage, gave a fabulous performance of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies this week. The children embraced the comedy of the play and delivered witty repartee with skilful confidence and a superb sense of comic timing.  Year 5 has been studying the medieval period in history and one of the characters relished the way the play “has really brought my history lessons to life.”

This adaptation of the legend of Robin Hood reverses stereotypes in an entertaining and amusing fashion. It tells the story of Robin Hood’s attempt to save the people of England from poverty and the taxes imposed by his brother, John.  King John’s entertaining villainy and the Sheriff of Nottingham’s comic contempt created a dynamic duo who made the audience laugh throughout the production.  Robin Hood and his troupe of theatrical entertainers armed with singing and dancing skills lit up the stage with colour and music.  Their upbeat songs and enthusiastic exuberance created an uplifting finale to a wonderful production.

The show was directed by Mr de Albuquerque and Mr Harris who enjoyed the rehearsal process which they described as “extremely fun and filled with laughter”. The character of Bolt loved the camaraderie of the cast and ‘working as part of a team’.  All twenty four children appreciated and embraced the opportunity to develop confidence, stage presence and teamwork.

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