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Prep pupils show off colourful creations at art exhibition

18 Jan 2018

Prep pupils have taken inspiration from famous artists for the works on display at the School’s annual art exhibition.

Dozens of colourful creations by children from all year groups have gone on show with a wide range of media and styles used in their making.

Year 3 pupils made clay coil pots decorated with leaves as well as watercolour paintings along an autumnal theme.

They also produced their own versions of Great Wave – the famous work by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, which is said to be the world’s most reproduced image – learning how to blend paint along the way.

American artist Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings provided the starting point for Year 4 children as they created their own similar designs, while lily pads and lotus flowers created from clay carried on the floral theme.

German photographer Karl Blossfeldt and Italian painter Giacomo Balla were the focus of the compositions put together by Year 5 pupils. Blossfeldt’s close-up images of plants inspired the youngsters in a series of charcoal and chalk drawings, while they took Balla’s techniques of depicting light and movement with their pictures of lighthouses using oil pastels on a black background.

They also produced eye-catching glazed vases, with Year 5 pupil Luke making one in the shape of a goblet. Luke said he enjoyed seeing his work on show, adding: “I really like art and using vibrant colours.”

Youngsters in Year 6 delved into projects on perspective – creating night-time cityscapes looking up from the ground – and Cubism – using cold and warm colours to create Pablo Picasso-style still-life works.

Year 6 pupil Celia said: “It was really good fun. There were a lot of different projects we could do and the pictures are very eye-catching. I especially liked drawing the different buildings in the cityscape because you really got to use your imagination.”

Prep Head of Art Dan Wansell was delighted with the quality of artwork produced by the children.

He said: “The great thing about the exhibition is they get the chance to show their parents what they’ve done and talk about it with their friends. The children get a real kick out of it. For them to see their work on display is a big deal.”

Head James Piper added: “In an age when children are becoming rather proficient at ‘swiping’ on a variety of ‘screens’, the hands-on skills involved with sketching, shading, moulding and painting are as important as they have ever been. I have been blown away by the vivid colours, interpretations and imagination on display in our current art exhibition.

“Dan Wansell, our Head of Art, has drawn on the work of a series of famous artists to inspire the children and develop their appreciation for different artistic genres. Amy Prebble, the art technician, has transformed the gallery space on the first floor of New School and I urge parents to visit this over the next few weeks.”

The Prep art exhibition runs until Friday 2 February.

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