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Year 10 Perse pupils savour Spanish exchange

13 Dec 2017

A group of Year 10 pupils recently took part in an exchange programme to Tomares, near Seville. Flamenco dancing, tapas and Christmas markets all helped to make the trip an overwhelming success. Three pupils share their thoughts below.

Ellen Gilbert reflects on her experience.

We went to a school in Tomares, a town near Seville. We spent lots of time with the Spanish children and they were all very nice and kind to us while we were there. We went on lots of trips during the week.

We went to Cordoba, which had a mosque with a cathedral built inside it, and went to a very nice Christmas market, where there was a man walking two pigs on leads. We walked up to a castle which had a very good view of the surrounding countryside and it was all very pretty.

We went to see a very good traditional flamenco show in Seville, followed by Spanish tapas. There was a big structure that you could go up and from the top, there was a beautiful view of the city.

The family was very welcoming and the school was also very nice. We had a lesson in traditional Spanish Latin dancing, which was very awkward but quite fun. The trip was fun and a good experience to have had.

Thomas Blake shares his view.

The exchange was a great experience. I definitely think my Spanish improved over my time there, the exchanges were all very friendly, we all got on well and we met up with each other as a group a lot so we didn’t spend the entire exchange at home.

My family was very welcoming and treated me really well. They took me sightseeing in Seville and I particularly enjoyed going horse riding with Quique (my exchange). The activities were interesting and diverse and I also enjoyed going to Cordoba and seeing a city other than Seville as well.

Suzanna Arbide gives an insight into her time in Spain.

I thought that the exchange was a very exciting and fun experience, where I was able to make many new friends and learn how to use my Spanish in everyday life.

On the second day in Spain we visited the school, and the group that I was in helped out with an English class, helping them to communicate to us in English. They would ask us common questions such as “Where do you live?” or “Do you have any brothers or sisters, and how old are they?” and we would reply with a not overly complicated answer.

All in all, the trip was phenomenal. Each and every sight was beautiful and unique, the students and families that we met were very friendly and kind, attending to our every need. My favourite part of the trip was experiencing how they lived their lives and the ways in which it varied from our own.


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