The Perse School

Pelican pupils hit the spot with fundraising effort for Children In Need

20 Nov 2017

Spottily-dressed Pelican pupils made their money go a long way to raise funds for Children In Need.

Year 1 youngsters took part in a money measuring challenge, lining up all the coins donated to see how far they would stretch.

The chain eventually spanned from the far end of one upstairs classroom, through a hall way to the far end of another classroom before coming back in the opposite direction.

Nursery children brought in their teddies and enjoyed a picnic with their toys, while youngsters in reception classes made special bandanas for their teddy bears to wear.

Meanwhile, Year 2 pupils went walkabout to raise cash for the BBC charity appeal by going on a sponsored ramble between the Pelican, Prep and Upper School sites.

For their overall efforts, Pelican pupils raised a terrific total of £1,601.11 for Children In Need.

Head Sarah Waddington said: “Children in Need is a wonderful opportunity for children, parents and staff to come together to raise funds for children who need specialist care or resources.

“I am most grateful to everyone for their generous donations and home-made cakes. We were thrilled that Pudsey was able to join us throughout the day and hope that he will be very pleased with the amount raised.”

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